The new year has brought about an increased focus and dedication to safety for the entire team at Tinc. We have been doing a full audit of all of our safety processes and procedures starting from the moment we onboard new employees or think about taking on a new project, to our interactions with venues, through every phase of production and long into post-production. This process of combing through our current processes has been rewarding, both helping our team hone our common language and setting expectations for the productions we work on. Every time we revisit safety as a concept we find things both insightful and confounding. Here are some of the interesting aspects of safety we have run into time and time again.

  1. Safety is not easily defined. It isn’t something that comes down to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Each decision is made up of many smaller decisions, and each major accident that could occur is made up of many smaller near misses.
  2. Safety starts with simple decision making. It isn’t enough to just have a plan (although, it is critical), it has to be something that becomes a part of the instinct of every person involved in a project.  Safety to one person means something else to the next person.  So, it is critical that we set the tone and expectation of safety in our organizations.  It has to become part of our routine, not an exception.  
  3. Our organization (like many) works on lots of projects throughout the year, and multiple simultaneously.  Our project teams are made up of lots of players. The expectations of safety have to be set on every project.  It has to continuously brought up to the forefront, even when we are working with the same clients, designers, artists and crew over and over again.  

Because we think this is an incredibly important topic, we will be sharing our process, findings, and challenges here, in hopes that other Production Companies, Venues, Producers, Crew, Talent and all of the other people involved in putting on shows will get involved.  It’s always a team effort anyway.
What does your company do to reinforce safety onsite? Where have you seen good or bad safety procedures at the theatre? Leave a comment or shoot us a message with any examples, thoughts or questions for on production safety.