Tinc continued its safety training series this week with an Aerial Work Platform and Boom Lift safety operations course in partnership with Pride Rentals.

The trainee class, represented a diverse set of live event professionals, including riggers, technicians, photographers, and production managers.

Many of the trainees, in the past, have found themselves operating these machines while on job sites without having any formal safety training in their use.  This was the main goal of this session; to create the optimal environment (no time constraints, no clients, no one to impress) to focus on learning the ins and outs of the machinery and to safely test their features and limits.


We trained on lifts that are commonly found on events job sites.  These lifts allow professionals to work at heights of up to 140 feet and provide articulation to navigate in tight environments and maneuver around fixed objects.

The complexity of the controls varies greatly and the language of lift control is not always constant from lift to lift.  Having time to practice and learn about all of the features, protocols and controls from professional operators will improve safe operation on job sites.

  • Boom Lift
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
  • Slab Scissor Lift
  • Push-around Aerial lift


One of the biggest take aways for many of us was the level of responsibility that comes with operating a lift.  Operators are responsible for being properly trained, understanding all of the hazards that are possible, and following the appropriate safety program for the piece of equipment being used. They must also ensure that safety protocol is being followed by others that are working around them.


Big thanks to Pride Rentals and their trainers for their expertise and training programs.

We look forward to our next installment of safety training and heavy machinery training.

Any interest in Telehandlers anyone?