Carly Erickson is Tinc’s first production management intern, and she has been working hard with Production Managers Amy Singerman and Andrew Chandler to get the 2012 New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF) off the ground.

Carly joined the team at Tinc 8 weeks ago, just a week after moving to NYC and a few months after graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in stage management. She originally applied to be an assistant production manager for NYMF, a position which she says she knew was above her current experience and skill level, but her desire and enthusiasm made her a perfect candidate for our intern position.

Ryan first met Carly in 2010 when she was his assistant stage manager for Skin of Our Teeth, a play he stage managed while teaching graduate Production Management at Virginia Tech.

“One of the first things I remember learning about Carly was that she had the drive and determination to excel. She was proactive from the start in expressing what she wanted to do with her life. When we spoke about her joining our team she was able to tell me plenty of reasons why she was a good fit for us, why we were a good fit for her, and what she wanted to get out of the experience. It’s that type of focus that makes for a great production manager,” says Tinc’s Ryan Kirk.

Tinc’s Melissa Johnston says on working with Carly, “she is honestly the most efficient and organized worker I’ve met in a long time, and I am sure that she types at least 120 words per minute. Her upbeat and positive demeanor means she rarely complains, always looks on the bright side, and if she says she’ll take care of something, it gets done.”

When asked about her experiences working on NYMF and assisting the production management team, Carly says, “This is the most epic thing I’ve ever been a part of. The sheer amount of information processing it takes to be a production manager, especially with a festival of this scale, is an eye opener. Working with two production managers at the same time is a tremendous opportunity to learn very different styles of managing and communicating as it applies to completing similar tasks.”

Carly thrives when in a team environment, which is what attracts her so much to working in theatre management. She also prides herself on being the calmest in the room and enjoys taking stress away from other people in any way that she can.

In her spare time she likes movie marathons, trivia quizzes, binders, tabs, hole-punches, graphic design and Hokies Football.

Her favorite moment in NYC so far has been the first time she ran into a performer she had worked with in a previous life and the realization that our industry and NYC is such a small world.

Her advice to newbies in the industry is to apply for jobs that stretch your skills. You just might find an opportunity that will provide you with the foundational experience you need to one day be perfect for it.

When the festival closes at the end of July, Carly will be looking for her next adventure and chance to continue her career growth. If you hear of any production or stage management opportunities, we’re sure she’d love to hear them! You can reach her at carly.p.erickson at