Tim began working with Tinc in early September during our 2012 Fashion Week projects. He officially moved here November 1st. He also worked for us that same day.

When Tinc began planning for a large holiday installation project in November, we were thrilled to have Tim on board as a crew member. Once onsite, however, his natural leadership ability became apparent, and he was quickly promoted to a crew chief.

Tinc Production Manager Mark Aceto says, “I felt so confident in Tim’s ability onsite that I was able to walk away and focus on other projects happening simultaneously across town. I knew that every detail, no matter how minute would be covered. Usually people are detail oriented, or they’re hands on, or they’re good with schedules, or they’re good with people… not Tim. He’s good at all of those things.”

Tim grew up in Albany, NY and has a BFA in Theatrical Design and Production from Adelphi University. Tim calls himself a scenic designer at heart, but loves technical direction and carpentry. He is also available for freelance work.

Tim is excited to be a new part of the Tinc team. “Everyone I’ve worked with is extremely hard working and professional, but they also have a lot of fun onsite. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know so many of them.”

He is very thankful to his fellow crew chiefs, and also to Andrew Chandler, Mark Aceto, and Seth Morgan for their mentoring. He’s found a new appreciation for laser pointers, and making things “nice and even.” Tim says, “I’m reminded more and more on every call how everyone is connected to each other somehow. It’s truly incredible.”

A special thank you goes out to Mark Krasnov for referring Tim to us! We appreciate referrals more than you can possibly imagine.

We are thrilled to have Tim on the Tinc team, and look forward to working with him on future projects.