Van Orilia

Tinc Employee Since: 2007

Van has been with Tinc from the very beginning and has always been a shining example of what Tinc stands for.  Good attitude, hard work, safe conduct, and most of all, a damn good time.

Since Van moved to the city in 2000 he’s been working in and for a multitude of special event spaces and off-broadway theaters in a number of roles, from carpentry, to electrics, to heading crews and jobs.  He started out at the Public Theater getting his feet wet and as he grew and advanced in his craft, moved to industrials and special events.

“Tinc hires Van to head it’s most complex and high-profile events.  One of the things I value most about him is his initiative onsite.  He is never afraid to improve an operation or head off a potential issue.  He always handles himself with upmost professionalism.” says Ryan Kirk

Our Clients also rave about Van.  His ability to unify a group of people for the common goal, all while teaching and supporting has driven the praise that we receive.  What we see from our clients feedback, though, are the words that aren’t said. It’s the comfort and confidence that he is able to provide them that we hear in their words.

Van understands all the nuances of leadership. This was blatantly clear when he became involved in a dance-off in the back room of the Natural History Museum while the crew was waiting for strike to begin.  We can’t say whether Van “officially” won the dance-off, but it goes to show that even while waiting for a truck to show up one can embrace the finer qualities of life.

Van also has some really nice things to say about his fellow crew members.  “Tinc has a great staple of electricians that are highly skilled, intelligent, and funny.  They have a type A concern for their work which creates a professionalism, so even the smallest job is given great care. These are the kinds of people that Tinc brings in.  The employees are part of the product that it delivers to the client. And when there is an employee who doesn’t fit (has no drive to work, is unsafe, lazy, late, etc.) Ryan is quick to listen to the suggestions of the folks out in the field and adjusts things.”

We here at Tinc are very happy to have him as a part of our family and we try to keep him as busy as possible.

He is available for freelance work though!  And you can’t go wrong with Van; he is a great addition to any project.