Nancy Hwang and Austrian broadcasting company ORF contacted Tinc to light an installation entitled Facing Nations (painted by Oskar Stocker) in the United Nations lobby for the month of November.  From the outset I thought it was an interesting project for a few reasons.  The scale was massive.  125 portraits reaching 40′ high would be a logistical challenge to illuminate, especially without impacting the space’s daily function.  Two, working at the UN is always a logistical challenge.  One must do all their homework before going on-site, otherwise the load in doesn’t go smoothly.  Also, I don’t often get to do events dealing with such meaty issues as human rights awareness or at venues that inspire such awe.

There were only two choices when lighting the exhibit:  all at once or one face at a time.  It would have been cheaper and easier to generally illuminate everything.  However, because this exhibit was individual faces the situation called for a more nuanced approach.   Instead we individually lit every single face on four 20′ truss towers.  The portraits “came alive” as the subtle lighting added depth.

Designers don’t often get to work with such great clients – clients who really understand the difference lighting makes when we step beyond just “visibility.”  A huge thank you to everyone involved for bringing us abroad.  This is a job we won’t soon forget.