New York Fashion Week is quickly approaching.  All over the city freelancers are already working long hours preparing for the various shows and events that will take place in every corner of the city. Last week we shared some insights about what to expect as a freelance technician working on your first Fashion Week. Now let’s talk about what to pack.

In writing this blog, I solicited advice from my dear colleagues who have been working fashion weeks for years (and in some case decades). Here’s what they had to say about what is necessary to pack in your bag when working Fashion…

  • Healthy Snacks. You never know when you’ll miss a meal break, or just need an energy boost. We recommend  trail mix, or other things you can munch on that won’t go bad.
  • A refillable water bottle. Drink more water than you think you need.
  • Deodorant. Enough said. Some people also like to have baby wipes on hand…
  • A phone charger.
  • A flashlight. With spare or rechargeable batteries.
  • Business cards. You never know when you may have the chance to make further connections.
  • An extra change of clothing. Rain gear, extra shoes, all good things to have.
  • Socks! That’s the number one tip we got from our colleagues– bring an extra pair of socks. Change into them on your meal break. It really does make long calls better.

There’s no question, working Fashion Week is hard. The long hours can be brutal, and the needs of the production may not be traditional.  But, without a doubt it is a time of coming together for our community. Friendships are made, trust is built, and these relationships can set you up for an incredibly successful rest of the year. You’ll be amazed at the camaraderie that develops. Technicians across the city help each other, swinging by shows that are behind schedule to help, trading gear, bringing cookies, and generally being wonderful to each other.

Have a safe Fashion Season everyone.