4Wall Entertainment

A full-service lighting company that specializes solely in providing entertainment lighting systems.

www.4wall.com (Check out their new Website!)


History:  4Wall was co-founded in 1999 by Michael Cannon and Bill Lairamore and has four locations- Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Services:  Lighting Rentals, Sales, Service, or Design – Large and Small – Temporary and Permanent

Focus: They focus their resources and talents only on providing quality lighting. This ensures that they don’t spread themselves too thin, so no matter the size of a production, you are treated as if you are their only client.


Why we choose them:

Every time we partner with 4Wall, we receive care, dedication, quality, and expertise.

Quality Product: Simply put, their gear works.  Strict maintenance policies govern gear that goes in and goes out of their shop.  Having gear that functions properly is a must on-site.

Quality Personnel:  We love working with their employees.  Looking for disgruntled shop guys?  Don’t look here.  They also are highly trained and eager to answer questions.

Investing in Growth:  Like us, they believe in working to help the industry grow.  They invest in continuing education and offer their services to us as part of our Tinc Tuesday initiative.

That Extra Something:  They have a 24 hr/7 days help line/service.  So, when that one unexpected thing happens at 2am, you can always ask advice and talk to the experts…even in the middle of the night.