Hey everyone,
I’m Duncan. Many of you may know me from my years of working on-site. I first joined the team at Tinc in 2012, and have worked in a variety of crew and management positions. As of January I am officially the new Production Supervisor, with a focus on bringing Tinc’s style of management and philosophy on production into the theatrical world.
Since joining Tinc in this new capacity, the most exciting part has been working with the entire Tinc team to collectively tackle the challenges of all of our productions, rather than tackling each production independently as a freelancer. I enjoy mentoring our Associates and Assistants, taking time to work with each manager individually on what they are looking to gain from each project.  Working with our theatrical clients has been especially rewarding, being able to bring our perspectives, processes and production talent to the benefit of their artistic visions.
A bit about me:
I believe that much of my job as a manager is building and sustaining the proper environment where the incredibly talented people we work with can have room to perform their best. The thing I look for in managers and team members is a dedication to continue to learn.  I would rather work with someone who knows some and yet has an attitude to keep learning than someone that knows “it all” and refuses to take in new ideas.
4 tips to working with me:

  1. Bring a smile to the door with you!
  2. Be ready to acknowledge what you don’t know, or where you want a second opinion.
  3. Remove your pride from the equation when working on problems that better the show and the team.
  4. Get organized, be it with pen and paper, to do lists or your own brand. The faintest ink is better than the best memory.

When I’m not on site:  
I enjoy reading for pleasure, dancing (swing, country, etc), and rooftop bars with a view of a sunset. I like to think I’m a collector of the last one. I’m 6’5″ and have come to accept that sometimes my purpose in life is to help get things off the top shelf.
My favorite food is Indian, but my favorite dish is a big plate of chicken fried steak. I’m a Colorado guy and there are just some things that the East coast can’t kick out of you.
I’m looking forward to working with you all!  Hope to see you at one of our upcoming networking and educational events.