Tinc is proud to encourage the growth and development of the Technical Artisans Collective, a new venture involving some of our most talented technicians.

Technical Artisans Collective (TAC) creates dynamic, hands-on learning experiences for youth.  TAC programs, taught by professional production designers and technicians, provide opportunities to use academic and artistic knowledge in activities that have consequences similar to adult working situations.  In full production courses, students learn how to translate the written word into 3D reality through design, sewing, rigging, carpentry, sound, lighting, stage management, writing, acting and directing.  TAC programs are designed to engage all types of learners by challenging them to work physically, mentally and emotionally on collaborative projects.

TAC was sparked by an academic site visit to David Blaine’s, “Electrified!” The installation’s technicians, affiliated with Tinc Productions, became driven by the students’ excited responses.  They began to look for more ways to share technical and design knowledge with youth.

TAC creates a unique opportunity to unite companies and professionals for the sake of education.  In its first summer of operation, TAC has taught four workshops sponsored by donations from supporters, including Tinc Productions, St. Anne’s Warehouse, Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging, and Skylight West.

As TAC continues to develop programming for youth and their teacher training, they are consulting with an advisory panel of youth ages 8-22, a panel of educators and members of the entertainment industry, including Tinc Productions’ own Ryan Kirk and Melissa Johnston.  The diverse input and universal enthusiasm helps TAC create vibrant relevant educational experiences that are fun and useful for both students and the teachers. If you’d like more information about TAC programs, please visit their website at tacollective.org.