Tinc and Arc3Design were tasked with lighting two corporate meetings for Prudential as they announced new products to area offices. Tinc‘s Sarah Arnold production managed the project on-site and ensured a smooth and successful installation, show, and strike. As usual she performed with aplomb. “Sarah’s a smart leader and excellent troubleshooter. She was perfect for this job,” said Tinc Production Manager and owner, Ryan Kirk. The duo worked together during the pre-production phase of the project until Kirk handed the project to Arnold.

Employees of Prudential were treated to a highly stylized atmosphere resembling a movie première‘, which differed significantly from their normal meeting atmosphere. “People really reacted positively to the environment. They were definitely not used to this kind of treatment,” said Arnold. The event was designed by Peter Cunningham and Paolo Mizrahi of Absolutely Wild Event Design and the lighting was designed by Al Crawford and Sean Beach of Arc3Design. John Redman and the Union Square Group handled all set construction.

There was one main challenge: The same gear had to be adapted for two very different spaces. One space was a tent that had been set up in a parking lot. The other space was akin to a hotel ballroom. “We had the same gear for both spaces, so it took some troubleshooting and finessing to adapt the gear for both spaces. A tent is very different than a meeting room,” said Arnold.

Ultimately carefully preplanning and knowledgeable labor on-site helped make this mini-tour work. Arnold reports the experience was, “Really amazing and very rewarding. Scenically the entire project was really well thought out. It was nice to do these shows for people who never see this type of production value at their meetings.”

Tinc would like to thank everyone, including Melissa Mizell, Kevin Mullins, and Mike Rummage, who made the project a success.