Goodspeed Musicals held its annual gala on June 4th and tasked Tinc’s Lance Darcy to illuminate the soiree.  “I actually got my start at Goodspeed,” reports Darcy. Upon graduating from college he spent a summer as an Electrics Apprentice in East Haddam, the Connecticut home of the well known regional theater.  This year Goodspeed honored the creators of Annie, which was originated at Goodspeed in the late 70s. Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the original orphans, presented the award.

“Connecticut is tough,” tells Darcy, “which means you have to be on the ball.  The shop is hours away, so you’re on your own.”  Darcy asked Scharff Weisberg to provide the staging and lighting equipment.  The event was held at The Riverhouse, a beautiful catering hall overlooking the Connecticut River.  “The folks at The Riverhouse are always professional and great to work with,” says Darcy.  “They are such gracious hosts.  For years now the crew finishes the left over hors d’oeuvres as they come back to the kitchen.  Nobody seems to mind.   I feel like in New York we’d get yelled at,” he said, chuckling.

Load in was not without its hiccups.  The venue has no power disconnect, which means audio, video, and lighting have to share wall power.  At one point breakers were tripping, as lights and televions randomly turned off.  “One of the coordinators asked me nervously if she should worry about the power situation,” said Darcy.   “I said, ‘No, we will handle it.’   There’s a trust you build up over the years, and once I said it was handled she didn’t worry about again. It is extremely validating to have that kind of relationship with a client.”  Afterwards the event proceded without incident.

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