Recently, Tinc designed the lighting for BeachCandy Swimwear’s new flagship store in sunny Corona Del Mar California. We dropped by to see owner and designer Brit B last week to see how things were going and hear some rave reviews from her many loyal customers.

Known worldwide, BeachCandy’s ready-made & custom-made swimwear is lauded for it’s exceptional Fit and Swarovski Crystal Candy details. The boutique also carries a hand-picked selection of exotic cover-ups, accessories, cocktail dresses, Swarovski encrusted sandals, jewelry & much more. BeachCandy is known for its personalized shopping experience and commitment to quality.

When we first spoke with Brit about her lighting dreams for the store, her most adamant request was that the dressing rooms provide flattering, soft, and sunny light with no harsh angles; the exact opposite of a department store dressing room.

The store has the benefit of lots of natural light, so it became crucial to carry the same color tones throughout the store to create a consistent beach kissed feel.

The fixtures chosen provide the color temperature of natural sunlight so you see the fabrics and Swarovski Crystals exactly as they will appear as you lounge by the pool. Tinc also added a dimmer system to help match the intensity of the sun outside at any time of day. “Our main goal was to create a seamless transition from the beach to the store,” says project lead and designer, Melissa Johnston.  Utilizing frosted glass wall sconces as the main source of light in the dressing rooms she removed the harsh directional light that Brit despises in so many other stores. The high white ceilings and floor length mirrors aid this bounce effect, leaving you with evenly distributed light that reduces unflattering shadows.

“Working with such a visual and passionate designer was an absolute treat for us. Brit had a very clear picture of what she wanted. Each design choice was treated with equal weight and focus on how it might help her customers feel their best and reflect their natural beauty.”

Tinc brought together the luminosity of beach glass with a sparkle of crystal candy, culminating in a laid-back glamour that could only be a compliment to the amazing swimwear by Brit B.

Visit to see Brit B’s stunning designs or head out to the store to see Tinc’s custom lighting. It’s time to end your search for the perfect swimsuit.