Tinc in partnership with Arc3 Design transformed an idyllic six acre Conservatory Garden in the northern section of Central Park overnight into a vibrant and elegant benefit to celebrate a year of significant discoveries and accomplishments for Mount Sinai Hospital.

The Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most-respected voluntary hospitals with a reputation for being the best.  Tinc had its top employees on the project to make sure the evening and the design was fully realized with the professionalism that our production partners and clients expect.

The Challenge

The Space:  The benefit takes place in an outdoor french inspired six acre garden at 104th Street in Manhattan.  Even though the area is tented over for the event, there is little to no existing electrical infrastructure.  Power has to be brought in, cable paths have to be out of the way of patrons and garden pathways, all while working around the garden’s delicate flora without damaging any of it.

The Time:  With having access to the garden for only a few days, Tinc had a very limited amount of time to load-in, test, and focus the lighting elements for the show.  The design team needed appropriate time to program and finish tweaking the looks for the event before guests began to arrive.  There was little room for delays or unexpected issues.

The Solution

Pre-Productions:  Tinc, as usual, undertook extensive pre-production to map out cable pathways, calculate loads and work around the existing plant life.  Tinc’s proprietary Project Management Solution made it easy to manage the large number of employee bookings needed not only for this job, but also the other jobs Tinc had going simultaneously to ensure that there were no double bookings or people working more hours in a 24 hour period than necessary.  It also made it easy to create teams of employees that would work well together in the tight time constraints by providing Tinc’s project managers the ability to sort our employee list by skill type and work pace.

Personnel: Due to the fast install time, Tinc employed a crew of 51 people working in shifts around the clock to load in the lighting and electrical elements for the event. Tinc’s Sarah Arnold and Nick Warren-Gray headed up the Lighting and Stagehand crews, assisted by Nick Ryckert and Pete Fry.  They worked together to keep all movements synchronized and moving forward while working closely with Arc3‘s Lighting Designer, Alex Goldberg, to realize the incredible design.  By creating this distinct  team atmosphere and providing everyone in the team with the necessary big picture information on their projects, Tinc’s lead were able to manage the large number of staff effectively and empower each team member to work towards the same goal.