What do tennis balls, really cool rackets, and Tinc Productions have in common?  One fantastic launch party!

Dunlop needed a production company to bring together graphics, draping, lighting, sound, and video into one seamless gesture highlighting Dunlop’s newest line of high tech, ultra-light tennis rackets at The Union Square Ballroom this past Saturday.  Many tennis greats came to the party, as press and guests hung out in the chic event space located across the street from Union Square Park.

Tinc’s Ryan Kirk was on hand to lend assistance for all things production – from printing the graphics to the drape.  “We went through quite a few RFQs to find the best prices and the most appropriate gear for the event,” says Kirk.  “It was important to appropriately support the event and the product without getting in the way or calling attention to the production elements.”

Tinc’s Lance Darcy was also onsite, providing his finely tuned aesthetic eye Tinc’s clients have come to expect.  “A lot of times events are thrown together with little thought to the Look.  We don’t do anything without making sure the Look works.”  Combining multiple production elements and integrating them together is key to Tinc’s approach.

A big thank you to Sarah Arnold, Sam Deshauteurs, Jason Gibson, and Scott Zeigler who loaded in and out the show and to The Union Square Ballroom for brining us aboard.

Great people creating a great event – it doesn’t get any better.