On Thursday, Tinc partnered with Barbizon Lighting Company to present a seminar on LED’s and LED Lighting.  20 industry professionals and freelancers from TV, Film, Theater, Corporate and Architecture gathered together to discuss these little diodes.

Barbizon’s Brian Dunn and Sam Updike took the class through the basics of LED’s, how they are made and why they shine, including color temperature, power consumption and control.  Barbizon also provided  units from different industries and talked about the similarities and differences between them.  (Theatrical, TV, Architectural)

The discussion turned to the pros and cons of upgrading or installing LED’s in replacement of conventional fixtures and how much money you could save on power and in air conditioning if you used LED’s instead.  For an apartment it might not be that much, but for an entire TV studio you could be looking at significant numbers.

With the recent release of ETC’s LED Leko, many were interested to get some hands on time with it and see a side by side comparison with its Tungsten-Halogen counterpart.

A special thanks to Brian Dunn and everyone at Barbizon for partnering with us on this great session.  Thanks to everyone that joined us.  And if you were wait listed or weren’t able to make it, don’t worry, we’re talking about repeating it again.


Check out some photos (courtesy of Sam Updike)