Who really needs a production company?  With all the lighting, video, scenic, and labor companies in addition to the plethora of shops who have tons of gear, is a production company really, absolutely necessary?

Well, let’s see.

Production companies are great for consolidating labor, typically the most expensive aspect of a job.  Multiple vendors on site hiring their own labor can lead to wasted billable hours.

Production companies are integral for planning an event’s technical elements and handling all the logistics.  Some events are simple, but many these days are not.  It’s good to have someone making sure tab A fits into slot B.

A good production company should always be finding the best price, best equipment, and best solutions for a client’s unique job and budget.  With the myriad of shops and vendors across the country, knowing who to call makes all the difference — whether we’re talking about boat racing games in Anaheim or LED screens in SoHo.

Some events may not require a production company.  However our industry continually grows more complex, requires greater organization, integrates sophisticated technology, and demands concise design … well … there’s just not an app for that.

Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.