April’s Tinc Tuesday, “Bringing The Power,” was a huge success.  Tony Kambic of Lex Products, the industry leader in portable power, gave an incredibly informative and engaging lecture about all things electrical.

We learned how power is created, and the different distribution systems we’re likely to find out in the field.  We learned why the rules are the way they are, complete with a brief history of the ubiquitous outlet. Tony touched on volts, amps, and resistance, as well as how it pertains to our industry.  From cable gauges to plug types to why 3 phase power is used, it was an evening filled with cool info regarding the stuff we electricians should know, but don’t always.

Lex also supplied some great equipment to help Tony demonstrate his points, and it’s always nice to play around with gear without the time constraints of load-in and load out.

Afterwards the gang drank wine, ate cheese and crackers, while we chatted about industry issues.

A big thanks goes out to Lex Products, a HUGE thanks goes out to Tony for his amazing presentation, and an even BIGGER thanks goes out to those who attended.  See ya next  month!