It is the dream of every Production Designer to work with clients like M.Y.R.A. Entertainment and Banana PR.  Tinc’s Lance Darcy was very fortunate to work on this project.

Filmmaker Margarethe Baillou and Anna Velasco approached Tinc with seventeen, sixty second videos and wanted to do an installation meant to begin a dialogue on the complex issue of capital punishment.

From A Design Perspective …

The overall goal was to design an environment that complimented the filmmaker’s work.  While many were discussed, the wining design centered around inducing confinement.  The idea was to reduce the amount of available personal space.  To accomplish this the LCDs were hung at eye level and an elaborate pipe grid was constructed to subdivide the large space. Pipe and truss were natural materials to use which fit conceptually, but also were extremely practical in holding the LCDs and carrying cable.  Blue up-light was chosen to keep the eye from normalizing to the screens’ intense ambers, greens, and browns.

Ultimately, the design worked as it was supposed to.  Crowding was induced, Baillou’s intense imagery seemed to float in the softly lit room.  The design did not overshadow her work, but helped create an environment for it to be exhibited and discussed.

From A Production Perspective …

LCD stands would have been easier, but that’s not how it was designed.  The Production Department began the task of figuring out how to mount the LCDs to the pipe grid.  With a limited amount of time to load in, nothing could be left up to chance.  Measurements had to be checked and re-check.  The method of attaching the pipe to the mounting plate was carefully tested.  Bases were installed on the truss uprights to minimize on-site time.  PM Ryan Kirk had a plan, and to be ready for doors the plan had to be flawlessly executed.

And it was.  Doors opened on time and everything went according to plan.  It was a great day for design and production.


One After_BDA_Triple_600x137