Tinc Productions is seeking an experienced, full-time Business Manager to join our management team. In this role, you will be taking part in developing and implementing the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of the company. We are seeking individuals with 5-10 years of professional General Management, Business Arts Management, or other applicable experience.

Experience with accounting practices and contracts is a must.

We are a small dedicated staff and therefore every team member is directly involved in business development, growth and long term sustainability of our company.  We run our business from a place of transparency. We are interested in new ideas. If you’re looking to affect how things are done and to make an impact at an organization, this could be the place for you.  Candidate must be a self starter and be able to self-govern tasks, projects and deadlines as well as delegate to other team members. In a candidate, we are looking for creativity, a long-term approach to challenges, and a desire to make a difference in our industry.

The job is primarily office-based, however Tinc provides opportunities to work from home with flexible scheduling for personal matters.  Salary is negotiable and includes paid time off, parental leave policies, and annual educational stipends.

Job to start ASAP.

Apply Below.

Tinc is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs or disability. 

Visit us at tincproductions.com to learn more about us.

The scope of work includes the following aspects:


Major Responsibility: Strategic Business Planning & Company Policy

Supporting Actions: Oversee long term business strategy, financial modeling, culture and employee growth strategies across Tinc’s various departments. In coordination with the rest of the Management Team, set financial milestones, document company progress, coordinate and run meetings of the board of advisors, participate in sales strategy meetings, employee benefit and retention strategy and provide focused input.

End Results: Tinc is able to continue sustainable growth with a goal oriented trajectory. There is always someone to provide this view point in decision making. We have happy, incentivized employees that understand the overall goals of the business and how they play into them.


Major Responsibility: Internal Workflow and Improvements

Supporting Actions: Draft/update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the various processes both for internal operations (how our internal functions operate) and external operations (how our managers and therefore our projects interface with core business functions such as payroll, finance, legal, etc). Work with department heads to document and standardize our Production Management process with an eye towards streamlined workflows and economies of scale. Identify weaknesses and areas of improvement in our process and set in motion plans for incremental changes to address these areas. Create an on boarding strategy for new managers that sets them up for successful integration into Tinc’s processes and culture. Ensure templates branded documents share consistency across departments.

End Results: Tinc utilizes its resources to the fullest, and does not fall into the old trap of “we’ve always done it this way.” Tinc is able to remain agile to changes in the industry landscape and client needs and is able to ensure Tinc’s Production Management process is teachable and implementable for fast and accurate on boarding of new managers. Everyone has what they need, when they need it, or knows where to go to get it. Tinc is able to increase it’s efficiency.


Major Responsibility: Legal & Insurance

Supporting Actions: Manage Client and Employee contracts templates for approval by Tinc Management and legal, send off for signing, and field client legal questions. Negotiate and ensure insurance coverage and pull certificates of insurance as applicable per project. Manage and respond to governmental, labor, insurance notices, if applicable. Be second in chain of command for non-payment issue response, and approve application of finance charges and additional measures as per client contracts.

End Results: Tinc is able to stay up to date with contracts and insurance, and ensure that we are covered in case incidents arise. Sent proper expectations with our clients and employees.

Major Responsibility: Financial Projections and Forecasting

Supporting ActionsWork with Financial Manager and Tinc Management Team to manage corporate budget and analyze cashflow scenarios using these discussions to influence decision making and corporate strategy. 

End Results: Tinc will always have an understanding of exactly where it stands financially, and be able to forecast expenses and revenues, and plan for future capital improvements.


Major Responsibility: Employee Productivity and Culture

Supporting Actions: Participate in staffing conversations and assignments for full-time staff taking into account personal employee career trajectory, culture, sustainability practices, and time off. Oversee non-project tasks that support the company and identify in connection with the rest of Tinc Management priority for implementation. Participate in resolution of disciplinary, grievance and conflict situations and schedule performance reviews.

End Results: Ensure Tinc is utilizing the non-project time of our full time staff to make future projects run smoother. Ensure adequate time off for all staff members and address issues such as interpersonal miscommunication or burn out before they become problems.


Minor Responsibility: Represent Tinc’s Culture in all interactions

Supporting Actions: As a part of the team, keep an eye on consistency across branding, tone and culture. Email writing and conversations with Clients and Employees should match our onsite and corporate tone. Focus on transparency and teaching through all interactions. Expectation setting, clear and upfront communication. Welcome guests and ensure that your personal areas of office are clean and tidy and that clutter is kept to a minimum. Set an example for a positive office dynamic by generally being a helpful and nice person.

End Results: No matter the area of the company a client or employee interacts with they have a consistent experience, and communication style. Increased retention of talented clients and employees.