Tinc Productions is seeking a qualified full-time Operations and Financial Manager to join the Team at Tinc in our NY Midtown office.  Experience or formal training with bookkeeping and human resources procedures a must.  Experience with arts management is also a plus, as you will be actively supporting the efforts of our Production Managers, Staff and Clients for commercial theatrical, corporate events, and other live event projects.  We are a small dedicated staff and therefore every team member is directly involved in business development, growth and long term sustainability of our company.  We run our business from a place of transparency, so it is also a great opportunity for a candidate that is interested in actively participating in the running of a business, strategy and seeing “how the sausage is made”.  Candidate must be a self starter and be able to self govern tasks, projects and deadlines.  We are looking for someone that is creative and interested in continuing to assist us in streamlining our internal processes.

This is primarily an office based job, however Tinc provides opportunities for employees to work from home, and allows flexible scheduling for personal matters.  Salary is negotiable and includes paid time off, parental leave policies and annual educational stipends.
Tinc is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or disability.

Job to start ASAP.

The scope of work encompasses the following aspects:
Major Responsibility: Financial recording, reconciling, payments, and invoices.

Supporting Actions: Enter all receipts, invoices and payments into Quickbooks Online.  Pay bills, manage petty cash, and in concert with the Partners, manage corporate budget. Reconcile all applicable accounts, and identify and track down discrepancies each month. Keep up with outstanding invoices and payments.  Assist with year end and quarterly reporting and taxes as needed. Filing and scanning of receipts electronically.

End Results: Tinc will always have an understanding of exactly where it stands financially, and always be able to provide accurate data for our management Team, Partners and Clients.

Major Responsibility: Human Resources – Payroll, Timesheets, New Hire integration and on-boarding, Recruiting initiatives (in conjunction with Vice President)

Supporting Actions: Complete bi-monthly payroll, double check timesheets, new hire paperwork and accountability. Cut employee checks (however, mostly direct deposit). Facilitate new employee on-boarding through email interactions, question answering and expectation setting.  Work with production department to ensure that proper employee documentation, procedure and expectation setting is fluid, consistent across all production staff.  Create, post and manage job postings for required staff positions in conjunction with Vice President. Participate in strategy sessions regarding part-time employee and paid internship development, including educational events, certifications, safety training and targeted employee development.

End Results: Creating strong employee loyalty, confidence and happiness.  Helping employees to always think and work towards safe working environments.  Providing managed paths for employee growth and development.  Keeping qualified employee levels ready for rapid expansion in anticipation of Production Departments future needs.

Major Responsibility: Legal

Supporting Actions: Draft Client and Employee contracts from templates including applicable information provided by Production Management. Send off for signing, and field client questions.  Obtain Certificates of Insurance from our Insurance Carrier.  Manage and respond to governmental, labor, insurance notices, if applicable.

End Results: Tinc is able to stay up to date with contracts and insurance, and ensure that we are covered in case changes or incidents arise.
Major Responsibility: Communication and Culture

Supporting Actions: As a part of the team, keep an eye on consistency across branding, tone and culture.  Email writing and conversations with Clients and Employees should match our onsite and corporate tone.  Focus on transparency and teaching through all interactions.  Expectation setting, clear and upfront communication.

End Results: No matter the area of the company a client or employee interacts with they have a consistent experience, and communication style.  Increased retention of talented clients and employees.
Major Responsibility: Daily Office Management

Supporting Actions: Office supply ordering, and anticipating supply needs of productions needs (workbox ordering).  Proof reading and template creation for branded documents to ensure consistency across departments. Welcome guests and ensure that the office is clean and tidy and that clutter is kept to a minimum (management of others, not janitorial).  Assist in a positive office dynamic by generally being a helpful and nice person.

End Results: We are proactive about removing barriers to productivity.  Maintain cleanliness and ensure productive working environment, and facilitate a place everyone want to come to each day.

To Apply:

Please Email the following to: melissa@tincproductions.com

In a single PDF, please attach a document that contains:

1. A one-page resume with References

2. A one-page personal statement that addresses the following:

(Note, that we are interested in getting to know you! Please don’t bore us or simply answer in bullet format.)

What are your short-term AND long-term career goals?
What do you feel the role of Operations is in an organization?
What attracts you about this particular opportunity?
Do you have any special skills or expertise?
What other interests do you have?