Tinc, in partnership with Barbizon Lighting Company installed a rep lighting system in a new performance space for the DreamYard Project in their Bronx location.  The theater space was once an old boiler room and was being re-purposed for the use of the DreamYard Preparatory School.

The DreamYard Project

“DreamYard uses project-based arts learning to ignite the transformative spirit in youth, public schools and communities. As the largest arts education provider in the Bronx and one of the largest providers in the City, DreamYard impacts the social and intellectual growth of thousands of K-12th grade students each year.”

Partnership with Barbizon

Tinc supported Barbizon with the installation and programming of the lighting elements for the theater space and set up the theater lighting to be usable by DreamYard students and faculty for both education purposes and live performances.  Tinc created operational documents for the console and lighting systems and assembled the venue inventory and lighting instrument paperwork.  Tinc’s Zoe Huertas and Van Orilia headed up the programming and installation.  They programmed the lighting for Dreamyard’s first performance and setup basic cues to act as a starting place for the budding DreamYard lighting designers.

Partnering with Barbizon on this project was especially exciting for Tinc because it brought together two of our passions: lighting and education.  We loved being able to do our part to provide opportunities to students and to introduce them to new technology in technical theater.

Check out the DreamYard Project for more details on this fantastic program.