Tinc spent 444 crew hours on-site at Y-3’s fashion show setting up the lighting and rigging for their 10th Anniversary Collection. Conceptually it was laid out like a simple runway show, but there were many more dimensions to this show exemplified by SenovvA and their complex projection mapping on the surrounding geometric walls.  Tinc provided the lighting and rigging crews to make this show happen. The BNW Rigging’s Tony Bonilla and Tinc’s Dani Clifford started work weeks ahead of time, planning out every last detail to make sure load-in went as smoothly as possible. At 11 pm two days before the show, trucks containing truss, lights, pipe, and hundreds of pounds of cable were greeted at St. John’s Center by Tinc’s electricians and riggers. Twelve hours later, everything was in the air. The Tinc staff worked into the night to hang lights as the rest of the show grew around them: scenery, risers, and clothing moving simultaneously.

Then came Sunday, the day of the show. From early morning to show time, our crew focused with lighting designer, Fabrizio Olivieri, to make his vision come to fruition. Throughout the day, we saw Van Orilia focusing on scaffolding while Regan Dodson and Mary Stazewski adjusted outside lighting in full sunlight. Team leads snuck bites of their lunch amidst meandering models. There was a real sense of teamwork to get the job done, and done right. The team worked brilliantly together, despite the chaos that exemplifies fashion season going on around them.  Execution was absolutely perfect; Fabrizio stated that they were the best electrics and rigging teams he has ever worked with. The room was completely transformed from an empty basement into a sleek, futuristic runway space, thanks to every member of every crew that worked so tirelessly.

Though it seemed only moments ago that we setup, the time had come to break it down. Load out began Monday at 8am, and Tinc’s electricians and riggers efficiently took down what they had so expertly put up. Once the 4Wall trucks had come and gone, and the scissors lifts had been taken away, the space was back to how it started. As if we had never been there.