Welcome To Tinc Productions

Established in 2007, Tinc is a premier event and theatrical production management firm headquartered in New York City.

At Tinc, we work alongside entertainment, theatre and marketing agencies to realize “big vision” concepts through project management and the execution of technical elements.

Be it a commercial theatrical production, experiential marketing campaign, or product launch, our commitment is to listening and understanding before offering solutions.  Our clients’ visions and goals drive our implementation, not the other way around.

The variety of projects that we tackle across the live event and theatrical landscape keep us at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. This expertise allows us to deliver high quality results that exceed our clients’ expectations, while always remaining cognizant of budget.

We are deeply passionate about our work, and it shows. You’ll be glad you have us with you. 


Driving the implementation of the production strategy, the Production Manager sets priorities, goals, deadlines, and milestones.  He or she ensures that everyone delivers as expected, to prevent anything from being forgotten or left to the last minute.

90% of a Production Manager’s job happens before they set foot onsite.  Planning and discussion ensures the anticipation of every detail.

  • Budget management and financial planning
  • Logistics coordination
  • Schedule and deliverable management
  • Staff and crew interviews and hiring
  • Contingency and emergency planning
  • Load-in, repairs, site management, load-out
  • Equipment sourcing, vendor bidding and contract negotiations
We begin by understanding your strategic-level objectives such as business goals, audience experience, marketing plan, and artistic intent.  We then craft a production strategy that centers around the overall goals of the event ensuring every decision supports and enhances those goals.

Then we make it happen.

  • Live event business strategy
  • Concept and logistics development
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Venue scouting and acquisition
  • Vendor bidding and contract negotiations
  • Local municipality and union coordination
  • Permitting
In addition to our talented lead production managers.  Tinc employs professional technicians, designers, and managers with experience in all disciplines of production.  Most have college level degrees in their area of expertise and 5+ years of experience in event production.  We value strong work ethic, positive attitudes, and safety diligence as prerequisites for employment.  We credit our high retention rates on our practices that encourage sustainable, long-term careers.

  • Production Managers and Stage Managers
  • Production Coordinators and Talent Managers
  • Production Electricians and Audio Engineers
  • Video Specialists
  • Rigging Experts
  • Scenic Artists and Carpenters
  • Stagehands and Technicians
Venues are the one true constant in the live event and theatre world.  Tinc’s long-term approach to production makes us a great fit to directly support the ongoing needs of event spaces.  We work with venue managers to look beyond their individual events to the larger business strategy of their space and how production can play a key role.  Tinc offers a variety of consulting and production services to help venues stay up to date with technology, streamline production operations, and drive business growth.

  • Operations and staffing consulting
  • Technical specifications
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Venue inventory management
  • Capital improvement and design
  • Marketing strategy and material


The Tinc Philosophy

Transparency and a Long Term Approach to Production
We fully appreciate the magnitude of what it means to put the success of a show or event into the hands of someone else.  In theatre and live events there are no “take-backs” which means that trust is one of the most important elements to a healthy working relationship.  We believe transparency and open communication build that trust over time.  At Tinc, nothing is ever hidden.  We strive to educate our clients on the processes behind the successful execution of events.  There are no trade secrets here, just a group of people who love what they do.  We take a long-term perspective to everything we do.  We prefer long-term relationships over short term gain.  
Employment Practices for a Sustainable Industry
Tinc believes in fostering a sustainable industry.   Anyone who is continuously overworked will quickly burn out, creating high turn-over and low experience retention.  In order to demand excellence from our employees for years to come we must treat them well now.  That includes sustainable work schedules, appropriate time off, proper equipment and safety protocols, and training for their continued career development.  Our decision making process always takes these considerations into account.  As a result, you get happy, experienced, and talented staff.  It’s a win win for everyone involved.
Why Hire a Company?
Hiring a production company is not an easy decision.  Many of our clients have had to answer this question from time to time.  Our answer is that a company is never alone. Decisions made alone often lack perspective and can lead to unforeseen errors and oversights that just weren’t taken into consideration.   When you hire Tinc, you hire all of us.  We work as a team, bringing decades of expertise from every corner of the live event industry to ensure events go smoothly.  



Talk about Tinc

If I had to say one word about Tinc Productions, it would be: ANYTIME. They call back quickly, do real follow up, understand YOUR budget reality and, above all, the project you’re dealing with. Working with Tinc Productions is a real pleasure and the most logical expenses of all!  To have a production company as reliable and full of resources as Tinc is a huge advantage for any production having to deal with NYC tough show-business reality. Next time, they’ll be the first to know I am doing a show in NYC!
Louis-David Loyer, Moët & Chandon
Tinc Productions has been a pleasure to work with over the course of the past 3 seasons of The New York Musical Theatre Festival. Their ability to plan and execute the production logistics of a large scale, multifaceted festival, coupled with keen oversight and management of a tight budgetary framework has enabled us to form an effective and ongoing partnership and to continue our mission of perpetuating the development of new musical theatre.
Jeremy Youett, General Manager, The New York Musical Theatre Festival